Tiny Drivhus

The East side is a greenhouse for growing plants and for providing warm air for winter heating. The West side is a well insulated space that is heated with solar energy.
Point foundation and French drain
Composite beam
Wooden framework.
Adding diffusion open air conrol layer.
Wooden siding from a local sawmill
One of 8 solar collectors are soldered together. Each collector is 1 meter by 4 meters.
Solar collector with aluminum fins and black paint
Hot water tank made from wood.
Hot water tank with EPDM liner.
Heat exchanger made from PEX tubing.
Heat exchanger installed in tank.
Round bales of eelgrass insulation

Eelgrass insulation and Troldtekt panels
Clay plaster.

Inspiration is from:
Builditsolar ” $2K Solar Space + Water Heating”
Builditsolar “Solar shed project”
Builditsolar “Low Thermal Mass Attached Sunspaces”
University of Minnesota: “Deep Winter Greenhouse”
Eco Systems Design: Subterranean Heating and Cooling System (SHCS)
Solvarmestyring med Arduino