Tiny Drivhus

I call this our Tiny-drivhus. The East side is a greenhouse for growing plants and for providing heat for the building. The West side is a well insulated space that will hopefully be heated with just heat from the sun.
Point foundation and French drain
Composite beam
Truss construction used on the West side, strange construction on the greenhouse side
Covering with “undertag” a very high quality house wrap
Wooden siding from a local sawmill
One of 8 solar collectors are soldered together
Solar collector with aluminum fins and black paint
Hot water tank build
Hot water tank in place in kitchen

Round bales of eelgrass insulation

Eelgrass insulation and Troldtekt panels
Walls that won’t be plastered have a diffusion open “damp brake” with a Z-værdi of 12.6 behind the Troldtekt panels.

Inspiration is from:
Builditsolar ” $2K Solar Space + Water Heating”
Builditsolar “Solar shed project”
Builditsolar “Low Thermal Mass Attached Sunspaces”
University of Minnesota: “Deep Winter Greenhouse”
Eco Systems Design: Subterranean Heating and Cooling System (SHCS)
Solvarmestyring med Arduino